What is VSP?

VSP is a cutting-edge CATALYZED OXYGENATION PROCESS in which a catalyst, VTX, is paired with oxygen (O2) to create SuperOxide ions. This allows VSP to be incredibly efficient at oxidizing sulfides (H2S). Unlike some technologies where H2S is temporarily prevented, sequestered or “moved” downstream, VSP permanently reduces the H2S to elemental sulfur. The end result? VSP eliminates sulfide in the water thereby eliminating sulfide in the air!

Why VSP?

  • BETTERversatile
    • Perfect for headworks (including biosolids) or “end of pipe” applications in collection systems where detention times are < 8 hours · Compact footprint
  • FASTERfast reaction times
    • Rapid results – Treatment occurs within 15 minutes!
  • CHEAPERlowest daily cost
    • Minimal capital cost · Low O&M expense · Dosing can be automated for more efficient chemical usage
  • SMARTERsafe
    • VSP is “green” (EPA – T.S.C.A. certified) using no hazardous materials · Produces no byproducts of significance and pH remains unchanged · Easy to install or retrofit


Download Our VSP Info Sheet
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