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Odor and corrosion from wastewater is problematical whether occurring at the treatment plant or in the collection system winding through neighborhoods.  While most of the general public recognizes hydrogen sulfide (H2S) as the “rotten egg” smell associated with sewage treatment, facility managers know H2S is a far more destructive and corrosive compound for wastewater treatment facilities and the collection systems that feed them.  Additionally, H2S is not only a costly nuisance, it can be a serious health and safety problem as well.

Source Technologies, whose principals have long been involved with environmental remediation and municipal wastewater treatment, formed the company to deploy the latest cutting edge technologies that apply to municipal wastewater treatment facilities, industrial pre-treatment activities and environmental restoration.

Today, Source Technologies is proud to be involved with one of the most powerful, comprehensive and cost-effective odor treatment technologies in the municipal wastewater market space.  Our family of advanced oxidation and catalyzed oxygenation technologies are “green”, best-in-class, scalable and simple to operate.

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